The Story
So Far..

My name is Claire and I am the founder of Blonde Bear Blankets. I am a mother of two beautiful boys and the eldest has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Being a bit of an obsessive mum, I have googled, read and researched everything possible to try and make his life a bit easier (including an ill-advised puppy to try and help – it didn’t!), when I came across weighted blankets.

I thought they sounded like they would be an excellent help, especially with sleep and sensory issues that cause restlessness, however the price and patterns were very off putting. For the smallest blankets the cost was over £100 and the patterns very limited – I don’t think my 12 year old son would enjoy a jigsaw puzzle blanket – as lovely as they are.

I was at this point I decided to create my own blanket for him, using a Pokemon pattern that he’s absolutely obsessed with. As I made my blanket, I realised that other parents with children and young people with ASD and other conditions were in the same position as me; either it was too expensive to buy or their child wouldn’t like the blanket because of the pattern.

It was then I decided to start Blonde Bear Blankets, to provide people with a variety of blankets and patterns while keeping the costs as low as possible. I have found them to be a huge help (so much so, I have started using one myself) and I hope that you also find them to be an affordable, worthwhile investment for you and your child.