The Wonders of Weighted Blankets!

Hello and welcome to our first Blonde Bear Blog! I thought it would be good to start with explaining why weighted blankets are so fantastic, who they help and the many benefits they could bring to you and your child’s life (I’ll try not to waffle on too much!).

Weighted blankets and lap pads (which have just been added to our range!) provide comfort and reassurance through something called Deep Touch Therapy. Deep Touch Pressure is provided by a weighted blanket by creating the feeling of gentle, distributed weight all over – its like an all over hug for your body. The blanket stimulates the receptors on your body which then activates the neurotransmitters in your brain to create a sense of calm.

Using a weighted blanket can help lessen the affects of a meltdown, enable you or a child to cope better with an overwhelming and stressful day and can provide a more peaceful, longer sleep. The use of a weighted blanket or lap pad can help with nervousness and anxiety throughout the day; they provide comfort and reassurance even if only used for a short period of time. It can help provide the calm needed when the individual is unable to create it for themselves.

Our blankets can help a range of people with a variety of conditions including insomnia, anxiety, ASD, aspergers, ADHD and sensory disorders. They begin by helping to create a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep affects our physical, mental and social wellbeing; a weighted blanket helps reverse this by allowing the body to relax and feel safe so the users can fall asleep. The blanket imitates the effects of a hug in the human body and causes the body to release oxytocin, a hormone that lowers blood pressure and calms your heart rate.

Deep touch therapy through a weighted blanket creates a sense of security. The weight triggers our receptors which lessens discomfort and allows you to relax, while also increasing the production of serotonin which is better known as the happy hormone!

Children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder really benefit from the use of weighted blankets and lap pads. Individuals with ASD can struggle to cope with processing information and changes that occur throughout the day that leads to increased levels of stress and anxiety. They can also find it difficult to verbalise these difficulties in order to deal with them. A weighted blanket can help them to feel more comfortable and relaxed, creating a clearer mind and a calmer body. Sensitivity to touch can also be an issue for people on the autism spectrum. The introduction of a weighted blanket can be a stepping stone to overcoming these difficulties. The pressure of the blanket provides a feeling similar to human touch but on a larger scale and without the actual physical contact.

Weighted blankets have also been compared to getting a massage, and who doesn’t want that?? I could keep writing more and more about the many benefits of weighted blankets, and I’ll keep adding to this blog with more research and information explaining how our blankets can help a range of issues that would typically be treated by a variety of medications. It is definitely a excellent investment in your future sleep 🙂

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